Commercial Pool Service

Trust the experts for your commercial pool maintenance!

When it comes to community pools and the health and happiness of your guests, you want to have a pool maintenance company with both the specific knowledge and industry experience to handle the biggest amenity of your community. Blue Waters’ has spent decades designing commercial pool service plans to ensure a top-quality swimming environment and enjoyable atmosphere. We work closely with DHEC, property managers and owners, and HOA boards to keep pools safe, clean and compliant with all regulations.

Our goal is to provide top level service so you can rest at ease knowing your community pool is safe.

Types of Commercial Pool Services We Provide:

Our commercial pool maintenance services are designed to adapt to the needs of each property, depending on your needs. We offer chemical, vacuuming, repairs, and more:

  • Maintenance agreements customized to meet the needs of each property.
  • Perform all Licensed Pool Operator (CPO) duties as mandated by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC).
  • Provide standard chemicals necessary to maintain clear and balanced water chemistry.
  • Test and adjust the water chemistry for chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, CYA, and calcium hardness.
  • Document all readings and adjustments for DHEC compliance.
  • Inspect pool area for safety hazards and DHEC compliance items
  • Vacuum and leaf catch, empty skimmer baskets, brush walls, steps and floors, clean tile.
  • Check water circulation systems to assure proper functioning.
  • Straighten furniture, hose or blow decks and furniture.
  • Maintain the water chemistry during the winter season. Keep pool and deck free of debris during the fall and spring.
  • Make repairs as needed, with approval from proper personnel.
  • If requested, report all services performed via email.

Our pool service and repair technicians have decades of combined training and experience in pool maintenance. They are South Carolina Licensed Pool Operators and hold licenses issued by the National Swimming Pool Foundation. We are fully licensed and insured.

When you call us in to care for the needs of your community pool, you can trust that we will do the job thoroughly, affordably, and with integrity.