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Who is Blue Waters?

Blue Waters is a residential and commercial pool maintenance company trusted for 29 years by pool owners in Charleston, South Carolina for inspection, cleaning, and repair. Our technicians are South Carolina Licensed Pool Operators and hold licenses issued by the National Swimming Pool Foundation®.


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Trust the Experts

Blue Waters Residential & Commercial Pool Maintenance has been keeping the pools of Charleston South Carolina clean and clear since 1991. Blue Waters has built a reputation for expert service for pool filters, heaters, and pumps as well as repairs and remodeling. With decades of experience, Blue Waters guarantees expert service with a smile for every residential and commercial pool service need.

Service you can trust means that our expert technicians take care of everything so you can relax by your pool, invite your friends over for a cookout, and watch as your guest splash and play, confident that your pool is clean and safe. We make sure that the chemical makeup of your pool is balanced and that every piece of equipment is in prime condition. Call today to get a free quote and set up service you can rely on. 


Everyone deserves a clean pool!

From customized residential cleaning and service to commercial equipment diagnostics and repair, Blue Waters is dedicated to quick, friendly, knowledgeable customer service. Our fully licensed technicians can ensure the correct circulation and cleaning. If you need debris removed, chemical levels rebalanced, or an entire filtration system installed, we’re here for you. Our experts will support you with continued advice and inspections to keep your pool safe long-term.


Residential Pool Maintenance Services

When you hire a pool maintenance company, you should be able to relax and trust the experts. With customized care, friendly service, and thorough, expert maintenance at affordable prices, Blue Waters is the residential pool maintenance company you want on your side. Learn more about how we can give you a maintenance-free pool.


Commercial Pool Maintenance Services

You’ve got guests swimming in your pool, and you want to ensure your pool is not only sparkling, but also kept to DHEC standards. Blue Waters has a specially designed commercial pool maintenance plan so you can meet the needs of your entire swimming community and trust they’ll be back to splash another day. Read about our attention to detail for your community pool.


We’re hiring! Pool Technician Jobs Available

Blue Waters is very particular about who joins our team. We hire only the most service-oriented, people-friendly employees we meet. Our company philosophy is simple: Hire for Attitude, Train for Service. If you’re passionate about service and excited to learn about the swimming pool industry, consider a career at Blue Waters.


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